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       China food and packaging machinery industry association (English abbreviation for CFPMA) is approved by the ministry of civil affairs of the People's Republic of China the national social organizations registered with headquarters and standing body in Beijing.

  CFPMA is composed of cross-sectoral, cross-regional food machinery and packaging machinery manufacturers, companies, research institutes, colleges and universities, news media, local community voluntarily organized national industry group, has the corporative qualifications of social group.

  CFPMA tenet: in countries under the guidance of guidelines, policies, laws, decrees, adhere to the unit for food machinery and packaging machinery industry services, promote the development of the industry. And between the government and the enterprises and institutions, industry units and between users, and act as a bridge between enterprises and in the same industry at home and abroad.

  CFPMA duties: entrusted by the government, to undertake the industry situation of research, standard industry behavior, reflect the enterprise views and requirements, formulate industry standards, industry development plan, the major equipment technical renovation, the introduction, investment and development projects of argument; Macro decision-making for the government to provide information, statistics and analysis report, to provide enterprises with technical consulting; Host international food processing and packaging machinery exhibition, exhibition and information on conferences, seminars, technical seminars, to develop international exchange activities.

  CFPMA is an international alliance (C.O.P.A.M.A.) packaging machinery association member, with the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and South Korea, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Czech republic, Russia, Australia and other 13 countries in the same industry association established bilateral or multilateral relations of cooperation. To discuss international problem in industry.

  CFPMA existing group members more than six hundred, consists of institutions are: packaging machinery committee, food machinery professional association, the committee of experts, meat processing machinery professional committee, potato food processing machinery professional committee, paper pulp molding machinery and products branch, cold food machinery, paper container machinery association, convenient food machinery, beverage filling machinery association, fresh-keeping and processing machinery branch, vending machine branch, etc.

  CFPMA agencies are: the secretariat, finance, communications, business development, membership management, display department, information department, editorial department).

  China's food and packing machinery industry association

  The director: yu-feng chu

  Secretary: chun-sheng hou

  CFPMA at home and abroad is willing to work with warm-hearted people from all walks of life with the development of food and packaging machinery industry, the manufacturing industry, the relevant groups and to establish extensive contacts with sales agents, for the production, technology and trade exchanges and cooperation to provide various services.

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